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Fuel Economy: How to Save on Filling-Up Your Gas Tank

Fuel Economy: How to Save on Filling-Up Your Gas Tank
Fuel Economy: How to Save on Filling-Up Your Gas Tank

Gas prices are definitely high. We know. It is a stressful time for many drivers out on the road. Of course, you need to get to places. You can’t not drive. The gas in your vehicle can go quickly without even realizing it. From going grocery shopping to driving into work every day, your wallet can feel the pressure.

Here are some tips on how to eliminate the need to go to the gas station as often.

Motor Oil and Tire Inflation

It’s extremely important that you keep an eye on your motor oil. If the light comes on in your car to check your oil, don’t waste any time. Head to the auto shop to grab some motor oil or check with an automotive company for further maintenance. Making sure you’re putting in the proper oil that your car takes is crucial.

Keeping your tires inflated properly can cut back on the gas used in your vehicle. Underinflation can affect the amount of gas you use to drive. Properly inflated tires are safer and will increase tread life.

Drive Safe on the Road

Driving the speed limit is very important for many reasons. The number one reason is that it keeps you and the passengers safe on the road. It’s important to be a defensive driver and not an offensive driver. Your fuel economy will decrease the faster you drive, so make sure you’re obeying the law and not flying on the highway.

Cruise Control is Crucial

Using cruise control in your vehicle when you’re on a long road or on the highway can help to increase your fuel economy. You won’t be speeding up or slowing down constantly when you’re on the highway. This can save you the amount of gas used, especially on a longer drive.

Keep a Clean Car

Don’t clutter your vehicle up in your trunk. Applying more weight to your vehicle can decrease your fuel economy. So, if you can store the unnecessary items in your garage or basement, we highly recommend doing so.

At Complete Automotive, we are a full-service auto company that can deliver auto services when needed. We understand that gas prices are high, and times are tough, but we can help make sure that your saving money with proper automotive maintenance services. Keep your vehicle running properly not only for safety reasons, but also for fuel economy reasons.

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